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Intox Short Film Festival

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Living Room is happy to announce that we will be hosting the first ever Intox Short Film Festival.  This festival is being co-curated by local artists Tasha Virgil and Sarah Buckley with the help of The Northwest Animation Festival and will feature 15 short films from as many local filmmakers.  The genres span the board including animation, live action narrative, stop motion, experimental, & comedy.  There will be a short Q&A with the filmmakers after each screening as well as a reception in the lounge between showings with further opportunities to network and free live music provided by Catherine Feeny.

We are approached a few times a year about screening short films.  As film buffs, we appreciate shorts and see their place in the grand realm of cinema , but as theater operators they pose a problem as the only viable way to show them is via a collection.  No one wants to pay to see 1 five minute movie, but 15 of them is more justifiable.  The problem then becomes, how do you go about collecting and projecting them?  Luckily, Sarah and Tasha came to us asking if they could program a series of shorts to celebrate local filmmakers.  They were excited about doing the legwork of finding the films and promoting the screening, but needed some logistical input which we were able to provide.  It was a win-win scenario and the result is a really nice program of short films from our vibrant film community.

It’s all happening as NW Portland’s First Thursday Art Walk winds down on Thursday December 6th with two separate screenings (9pm and 11pm) of the same program.  Tickets are $9 and can be purchased by emailing  Come out and see some wonderful short films from your community.  With enough interest we will be able to continue hosting collections of short films, perhaps even a program curated by YOU.




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