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“Lyme disease, and just in time for Summer.&...

I know you…you’re a trend setter, right? Now prove it. Round up your minions and see Lymelife at Living Room Theaters today. This film is destined to be the movie your friends see somday on DVD and wonder why it was never in theaters. Well, I have news for you, it IS in our theater and it’s HERE right now.

Alec Baldwin as Mickey Bartlett selling his dream home to a skeptical family.

First time director, Derick Martini, herds an ensemble cast including; Timothy Hutton, Emma Roberts, Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon, a token Baldwin (Alec), and some Culkin boys not named Macaulay, into delivering strong, very balanced performances. Lymelife is reminiscent of 1999’s The Virgin Suicides and American Beauty, minus the narrative voice-overs. It’s a coming of age story set in the late 70’s that centers around two families living on the cusp of the American Dream, which, in this Long Island suburb, is perhaps spread a little too thin. The plot may seem outwardly straightforward; old family friends, boy likes girl, girl likes making boy jealous, boys dad has infidelity issues revolving around girl’s mom, etc. However, this common plotline is juxtaposed against an underlying subplot that centers on the girl’s dad, Charlie, who has Lyme disease. Charlie (Timothy Hutton) wanders through his family and friend’s private moments while hunting figmentary deer who he believes are trying to commune with him.

When asked how “it” feels, Charlie describes it as a, “perpetual acid trip,” what isn’t clear is if he’s referring to the affects of Lyme disease, the horror of watching his marriage crumble, or the simple mystery of the human experience. Lymelife is beautifully shot, set to a wonderful, period-appropriate, soundtrack, and can boast Martin Scorsese as exective producer. You’re going to wind up watching Lymelife on DVD in your living room, why not watch it digitally projected with a beer in ours?